Black Conservatives Available for Comment on 50th Anniversary of March on Washington and Obama Commemoration Speech

Washington, D.C. – Black conservatives affiliated with the Project 21 leadership network are available for interview and comment regarding the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and President Obama’s scheduled speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and an estimated quarter-million others participated in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. It was at this event that Dr. King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. At an event marking the anniversary that is organized by the King Center, President Barack Obama is slated to give a speech commemorating the event at the Lincoln Memorial that will occur close to 50 years exactly after Dr. King’s speech began (3:00 PM eastern).

Members of the Project 21 black leadership network have already completed or are scheduled to participate in over 50 interviews on the March on Washington anniversary, including on syndicated radio such as the Westwood One Radio Network, American Family Radio Network and America’s Radio News Network; television such as WUSA-TV (Washington, DC), Fox News Channel and Blaze TV; international media such as Voice of Russia and Arise TV and local radio stations coast-to-coast such as WVON-Chicago, WHO-Des Moines, WPTF-Raleigh, KTKZ-Sacramento and WGSO-New Orleans.

Project 21 members available for interviews include:

  • Co-Chairman Horace Cooper, a former constitutional law professor and congressional leadership staffer.
  • Co-Chairman Cherylyn Harley LeBon, a former senior counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Jimmie Hollis, an attendee of the 1963 March on Washington who now organizes Tea Party Movement events.
  • Joe Hicks, a former executive director of the Greater Los Angeles chapter of Dr. King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
  • Council Nedd II, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Missionary Church.

“The fact that the 50th anniversary commemoration of the March on Washington is being honored by the president – who happens to be black – is proof-positive that much of the Dream that Dr. King had for America has been achieved. But there are always those who will seek to dwell on the negative, and those people are unfortunately controlling the commemoration,” said Project 21’s Derryck Green, a divinity student. “There is a racial grievance industry that claims that even though progress has been made, much more is needed. The problem is that government should not be responsible for closing the socio-economic statistical gaps that the racial grievance elite want eliminated. Freedom affords opportunity to achieve success – it does not guarantee it.”

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