How Will ‘Julia’ Fare Under ObamaCare?

You probably recall “Julia” from the Obama Campaign, but if not, here’s a refresher:

If you paid a modicum of attention to the 2012 campaign, you Julialikely recall the “Life of Julia.” An illustrated feature produced by the Obama Campaign, the infographic followed a fictional single woman at various phases of her life, showing how much better it was due to policies that President Obama supported.

For example, we learn that, at age three, Julia benefits from the Head Start Program that Obama defended (as opposed to the troglodyte opponent, Republican Mitt Romney, who would have cut the program by 20 percent).  At the opposite end, Julia retires “comfortably” at age 67 thanks to Social Security that Obama protected. The only thing missing from the illustration was the glowing visage of the President Obama himself, smiling beneficently down on Julia.

That’s from my recent article at The Federalist entitled “The Life Of Julia Under ObamaCare.”  The Obama Campaign left out some key details about Julia’s life, ones that I provide in examining how ObamaCare affects her at various stages of her life. For example, here is how the law impacts her at age 60:

At age 60…Julia thinks she has few worries.  However, her business is fast approaching 50 full-time employees.  She has never provided insurance to her employees as it has become too expensive to do so, as costs escalated under ObamaCare.  She has tried to pay them a little extra to compensate.  But under ObamaCare’s employer mandate, she will have to provide insurance for her staff if her company reaches 50 full-time employees.  If she doesn’t she’ll be forced to pay thousands in fines.  Ultimately Julia decides to stop the number of full-time employees she hires at 48.  Every employee she hires after that is officially part time—less than 30 hours a week under ObamaCare rules.

You can also read about how it affects her at age 27, 31, and 49.  And for a very critical examination of the “Life of Julia,” see this video:

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