Project 21’s Martin Wants Washington to Budget Like Everyone Else

P21KevinMartinLaying the blame at the feet of President Obama and his friends on Capitol Hill who continue to refuse to compromise on the spending in general and ObamaCare in particular, Kevin Martin has had enough.

Kevin, a member of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network, says lawmakers need to go back to basics and prove to the American people they can put together and live by a budget just like the overwhelming majority of their constituents:

While President Obama and his allies in Congress trying to place the blame of the government shutdown on a small band of conservatives in the House, the truth of the matter is the blame for this shutdown can be laid at the feet of President Obama for his lack of leadership.

During his tenure in office, President Obama has presided over the addition of more that six trillion dollars in new debt with what seems like little to no positive results.

Many members of Congress are now feeling the heat from their constituents as they see Obama asking for yet another short-term signed check from them to keep the mess going.

Many of these same average Joes see their representatives in Washington wasting millions — if not billions — of dollars on wasteful and inefficient spending as our government does not operate on a real budget.  Instead, Washington runs on a series of short-term “continuing resolutions” that bear no similarity to how the public lives and budgets.

And, making matters worse, the show budgets that President Obama has sent to his allies in the Senate regularly do not receive a single favorable vote.

It is long past the time for President Obama and congressional leaders to stop funding our government through fiscal tricks and loans that generate massive interest obligations to foreign creditors.  They need to perform their constitutional duty by giving the American people a budget they can see and can explain to us what the heck we are paying for at the end of the day.

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