Fun With ObamaCare Exchanges: D.C. Version, Pt 2

Well, I finally managed to create an account at the Washington, D.C. health insurance exchange known as “DC Health Link.”  And it worked!

Well, sort of.  When I used the “Browse plans without completing an application” option and filled out the information, the confirmation screen said that I am someone who “Uses Tobacco.”  Since I don’t smoke, I looked for some way to change that.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be one.  Thus, the premiums I’ll view on the DC Health Link apparently will be adjusted for tobacco use.  Thankfully, that isn’t a problem for making a comparison with policies on since ehealth let’s one include tobacco use when shopping.

This time instead of starting with a comparison for 29-year-olds, I decided to begin with policies for those age 60. Here are the cheapest two policies on the D.C. exchange for a single 60-year-old who smokes:

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