ObamaCare Problems a Path to Single-Payer? Project 21’s Arps Thinks So

It’s been a rough first month for ObamaCare.  On purpose?

The troubles began on the very first day with the failures of the health care exchange web sites.  And that’s an ongoing problem.  Then came the rate shock, as people discovered their deductibles and premiums were going up and their policies contained things they didn’t want or need.  After that came others finding out they were being dropped by their current carriers — meaning that they really couldn’t keep their policy if they liked it after all.

The latest?  Only six people may have actually enrolled in ObamaCare on the first day of the rollout.  Needless to say, this is well below expectations.  Such a poor performance, if it becomes a trend, could prove disastrous for the economic funding of Obama’s scheme.

Was this perhaps by design?  Speculation that ObamaCare is destined to fail is plentiful, but another way to look at it is that it was deliberately planned to fail.

Project 21P21ChristopherArps member Chris Arps wonders if all of this controversy isn’t a plot to enact, by default, the preferred Obama health regime: a single-payer system in which the government has complete control of peoples’ health care decisions and their care.

Chris gives grudging political props to President Obama and his cronies for the bad combination of an awful plan and the exploitation of a loyal and needy fan base to create lots of trouble down the road:

I have to give it to the Obama Administration.  Their ObamaCare plan is absolutely brilliant — especially when they have adoring sycophants (aka voters) who no longer care to be informed and have been dumbed down to operate strictly on emotion.

There are just two steps involved to force a single-payer system on Americans: First, mandate things in policies that make it impossible for the insurance company to make a profit because the customer can’t afford it.  This will eventually put insurers out of business.  Next, make it cheaper for companies to want to pay a fine for every employee they don’t insure rather than insuring them — thus dumping them on the ObamaCare exchanges.

The reason Obama sycophants will swallow all of this hook, line and sinker is because of the belief that greedy employers and insurance companies are to blame.

And, in the aftermath, we will have a government that had three years to get a website up and running and failed that is now completely in charge of our health care.

Welcome to the new America!

As the rate shock began making people uneasy, Obama did do exactly what Chris suggested he would do.  In deflecting blame from his own mistakes, Obama said:

[A]nybody peddling the notion that insurers are canceling peoples’ plans without mentioning that almost all the insurers are encouraging people to join better plans with the same carrier and stronger benefits and stronger protections… you’re being grossly misleading.

Chris, however, translates Obama’s statement to really mean:

We took away your old clunker that you were satisfied with which had no AC, a cassette player, manual windows, bald tires and was paid for, and in its stead, we gave you a brand new Cadillac with a note, insurance payments and upkeep maintenance that you can’t afford.  What’s the problem?

After all, there are subsidies.  The rich and the business sector have plenty of money to cover the cost overruns, right?  Right?!

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