Cherylyn Harley LeBon on War on Poverty: The WorldNetDaily Interview

P21CherylynLeBonProject 21 co-chairman Cherylyn Harley LeBon recently provided WorldNetDaily with extensive comments on the devastating collateral damage resulting from the War on Poverty.  This war, the only war liberals seem to like, recently marked the 50th anniversary of its beginning during the fledgling presidency of Lyndon Johnson.

After five decades and over $15 trillion in estimated spending, there is little change in the nation’s poverty rate.  In fact, there are currently a record number of people on food stamps and one of the most high-profile issues in Congress right now is extending unemployment payments to over 1.3 million Americans who have been jobless so long during the Obama Administration that their regular allocation of benefits is expired.

Cherylyn told WorldNetDaily:

If you think about all these public assistance programs and how much they cost, and all we’ve seen in 50 years is a four percent decrease?  Not even knowing the metrics, that’s not something that impresses me…

I find it a very curious coincidence that the issues that started to plague the black community: the higher incarceration rate, the drug use, the explosive rise in single, unwed mothers all started to plague the black community in the 1960s, which coincided with the development of these [War on Poverty] social programs.  These very same problems still plague the black community as these public assistance programs get larger and larger.

With the State of the Union Address just days away, it is expected that President Obama will use the annual speech to Congress to push the class warfare issue of income inequality then and throughout 2014.

Cherylyn added:

In some communities, public assistance programs have become a subtle destroyer of the spirit because, when you’re looking at multi-generations of families who have been on public assistance, where is the incentive for individuals to want to start businesses and become entrepreneurs?  It’s just not there…

Part of the narrative from the left, perhaps well-intentioned, is this patriarchal sort of notion and the belief that we need to take care of everyone.  We really don’t want the government taking care of families.  We want those families taking care of their own families.

The full WorldNetDaily article with Cherylyn’s comments can be read by clicking here.  Additionally, the Project 21 press release from early January with comments from other black conservatives about the War on Poverty and its effects on black America can be read by clicking here.

In 2014, Project 21 members have done a recorded 32 interviews about the War on Poverty so far.

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