First Lady’s New Food Labels Found Unfit

Jeff Stier, director of the National Center’s Risk Analysis Division, said the new food labels unveiled by First Lady Michelle Obama are “not going to teach nutritional literacy.”

Instead, during an interview with Buck Sexton on 2/27/14 edition of “Real News” on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV channel, Stier suggested that the left, government and big business colluding on a new layer of federal regulations regarding food is “bad news” for the average American consumer.

Calling more listing requirements — including bolder print, amounts of sugar and new listings of serving sizes that will affect more that 700,000 products — a misguided strategy, Stier rhetorically asked about dietary decisions, “can individuals or the government solve this problem?”

Obviously, Stier sees personal choices made by the individual as the best means of dealing with personal dietary issues.

He also pointed out the alleged $2 billion price tag affixed to the new labeling regime, suggesting it will actually cost a whole lot more given the fact that government estimates usually fall quite short of total costs.

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