Meet Sir Richard Branson: Concentration Camp Commandant

Branson_Climate_Deniers_National_Center_030414WI wonder if Sir Richard Branson, when he called us “deniers” in response to our activism at the Apple shareholder meeting (a suggestion that we’re like holocaust deniers), realized that under a scenario in which we are akin to holocaust deniers, he’s akin to a concentration camp commandant?

In Branson’s scenario so, too, is Tim Cook, whom Branson praised.

(For those who do not know it, the term “deniers” is meant to associate people who do not believe humankind is responsible for catastrophic global warming with holocaust deniers. Those who do not believe in the global warming theory, do not believe any global warming that may occur will be catastrophic, or do not believe humanity is mostly responsible for any warming that takes place thus are said not only to be incorrect by those who do believe those things, but morally wrong — equivalent to deniers of the holocaust — for not believing in them. For more information and examples, go here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, or here).

Both of these men have directed operations responsible for enormous carbon emissions — far more than have most of us.

If Branson wants to stop what he apparently thinks is an atrocity, CO2 emissions, he can close the Virgin companies down immediately.

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