Noel Sheppard, RIP

Noel_Sheppard_CNN_Individual_Mandate_0612Shocking news today on the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters blog: Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor and VERY popular blogger, passed away yesterday from cancer.

He was 53.

Noel covered an extremely wide breath of topics, all of which he managed expertly. My personal favorites were his posts on climate. Climate’s a tough topic to cover, because you have to keep up with the science, the legislation, the economics, and to some extent, the personalities, and you have to figure out a way to discuss all those things together without getting bogged down in the details. Noel not only did that as well as anyone could, but he managed to make it look effortless all the while covering other complicated subjects, often on the same day. I admired him greatly for that.

I admit I also particularly enjoyed Noel’s January 7 takedown of Rachel Maddow, a disgraceful woman who makes stuff up. It’s a great piece that does the research MSNBC should have done, but did not bother to do, because it is not interested in broadcasting the truth. Noel nailed it, as he always did. While Maddow and her ilk won’t improve, I like to think other media personalities are embarrassed for her when they read takedowns like Noel’s and try as a result to be far more accurate than she is.

In this respect, we’ll never know just how much good Noel did. It’s far more than we can calculate.

Please go over to Newsbusters to join in the remembrance of Noel in the posts and comments. Maybe watch a few of his great TV appearances. His life here on Earth was cut short too soon. America will miss him. I know I will.

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