Politix: Consumer Groups Fight Back Against Junk Science Tactics

In a piece in today’s Politix, I write about some push-back against the junk science activists.

With increasing frequency, activist groups are trying to remove safe and useful products from the market. Why? Because they think they can fool consumers, retailers and legislators into thinking that the extensively-reviewed chemicals in everyday products are unsafe.

Remember when the Consumer Product Safety Improvement act banned ATVs and sport bikes designed for youth because of lead in the engines? The rationale, if one could call it that, was that lead in the batteries presented a risk to children, since children are known to mouth their toys.

Laws and regulations that attempt to set product formulation guidelines through sensationalized headlines, rather than the detailed scientific reviews currently used by regulatory bodies, are bound to lead to absurd outcomes.

Finally, consumer groups and scientists are fighting back with the facts, pointing to the science behind what goes into consumer products.

Read the full piece here, and be sure to engage in the comments section. That’s what Politix is known for: making your voice heard as well.

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