National Center’s Hogberg Suggests Elites Might Benefit Most from ObamaCare

Even though ObamaCare is still in relative infancy, it already seems to be at a tipping point.  A time can be seen where government subsidies cannot sustain demands for coverage.  Furthermore, the “truly sick… don’t have much in the way of political clout” to complain, and the liberal politicians bent on sustaining (and possibly expanding) the government’s takeover of American health care are largely entrenched in safe districts and “can weather the storm” of constituent outrage.

On the 5/28/14 edition of “Wilkow” on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network, National Center for Public Policy Research policy analyst Dr. David Hogberg noted the nature of the government’s new health care scheme might ultimately benefit the elites more in the end as those beholden to the government for their coverage will be forced into longer waits for treatment with little recourse.  David also explained that an overwhelmed system with dwindling government subsidy will likely force providers to “prioritize patients with private insurance.”

When host Andrew Wilkow suggested this is a slippery slope to potentially impose a more all-encompassing single-payer system, David explained the inevitable rationing and delays that would come with this increase in government control “wouldn’t work our so well for the sick.”

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