Feds Can Fine You $25,000-$250,000 for Putting Wrong Information on ObamaCare Signup Forms

CaughtinLies...Whoops! If you are one of those sneaky people who thought you could get a higher ObamaCare subsidy by lying a teensy little bit (or more) about your income when you signed up for ObamaCare, you’ll want to come clean and start being honest.

It seems there’s a a $250,000 penalty for intentionally understating or overstating your income on ObamaCare forms.

If you made an innocent mistake on your forms, you can rest easy: the penalty for innocent mistakes is only $25,000.

Some say the government is unlikely to penalize many people for improper forms, but that’s just a guess, and justice under this administration appears to be selective. Also worth noting: You don’t get a trial. The Department of Health and Human Services decides if you are guilty and gives you sixty days to appeal a notice from them that you are guilty. If you do appeal HHS then decides if you are right — or they are. If you are thinking that’s not a very objective way to handle things, you’re right.

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