Three Reasons Americans Aren’t Buying the Left-Wing’s Excuses for Obama’s Constitutional Violations

ConstitutionTelePrompTerBlueT-ShirtWLefties including MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, PBS NewsHour, the Washington Post’s Wonkblog and PostPartisan columns, Newsweek and others have ludicrously been trying to defend all of Obama’s unconstitutional actions by saying Obama has issued fewer executive orders than Bush.

This is a red herring, because the number of executive orders President Obama has signed is irrelevant.

This is what is relevant:

  • Obama is using authority he doesn’t have to impose “laws” Congress never passed;
  • Obama is failing to use authority he does have to enforce laws Congress has passed, as is his duty as the head of the executive branch.

The man is doing his job backward.

Here are three reasons why the American public won’t buy the left-wing excuse that the number of executive orders issued is the key issue here:

ONE: Many executive orders are no big deal and no one objects to them, regardless of who is in office. In February, for example, Obama issued an executive order changing the name of the “National Security Staff” to “National Security Council Staff.” No one cares how many meaningless executive orders Obama or Bush issued.

TWO: Obama doesn’t need to issue an executive order to seize power he doesn’t have or to fail to enforce the laws he swore an oath to uphold. A few examples:

  • Obama’s unconstitutional appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, struck down 9-0 last month as a separation of powers violation by the Supreme Court in NLRB v. Noel Canning. Even Obama’s two appointees to the high court couldn’t stomach that one.
  • Or Obama’s many changes to ObamaCare. The President delayed the exchanges for small businesses, delayed the employer mandate, delayed the individual mandate (after shutting down the government to fight such a delay), exempted unions from some ObamaCare taxes, delayed the ObamaCare sign-up deadline and much more, all without issuing executive orders and all to change a law he fought for in the first place.
  • Obama freed Taliban prisoners without informing Congress, in violation of a law he signed.

THREE: The president and his allies have threatened to continue circumventing the law of the land. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), an Obama ally, has threatened that the president “will borrow the power that is needed to solve the problems of immigration,” raising suspicions that the president is about to violate the Constitution again.

The Constitution has no “borrow power” provision, and in any case, with a 17.5 trillion dollar debt, Obama’s done enough borrowing.

The American public is too smart to accept the left-wing claim that Obama can violate the Constitution and his oath of office anytime he pleases, just as long as he issues fewer executive orders overall than did George W. Bush.

The wonder isn’t that the Speaker of the House is planning to sue; the sick wonder is that so many left-wing Americans don’t give a darn about the Constitution. One wonders what sort of government it is that the left would prefer to live with.

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