Obama’s Inherently Unfair View on Immigration

This blog post was written by National Center director of administration Bethany Diamond.

Across America, public schools are hurting — and it’s not hard to see.

Think about this: tens of thousands of illegal students, who reportedly cost between $10,000 and $12,000 per student per year in some school districts, are soon going to flood the nation’s public schools.  Add to the problem that President Obama may grant new guest worker visas for illegal immigrants and one doesn’t have to be a scientist to understand what the result will likely be for the nation’s finances.

On 8/26/14, host Rick Amato and David Almasi discussed this issue on Amato’s One America News Network program.  “If you want to talk about racism,” Almasi commented about the impending crisis in the schools, “93 percent of black students are public school students.  These are the kids who are going to have their budgets stretched to the limit” when illegal immigrants enroll.

Illegal immigrant students will overload the public school system, Almasi suggested, compromising already by tight budgets, burdening overworked teachers and disadvantaging the children of tax-paying American citizens.

In addition, teachers will be adversely affected.  In the Amato segment, Almasi said:

What did the teachers unions get from supporting Obama?  They’re getting tighter budgets and bigger class sizes, which are the two things that they really hate!

Looking at the possible effects of Obama’s amnesty program to black Americans and the teachers unions, Almasi saw few positives.

Recently, the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network released information about the effects of illegal immigration on black America.  While forcing school districts to comply with new standards to include illegal immigrants, Project 21 pointed out that Obama Administration officials have effectively given no support to public schools other than the ultimatum to obey the requirement to enroll illegal aliens without question.  Black Americans, who attend public schools at a rate far higher than any other group in America, are figured to be the most likely to be hurt by this policy.

Regarding jobs, Project 21 member Joe Hicks added in an Orlando Sentinel commentary: “Obama is effectively ignoring the plight of black workers who have lost economic ground and struggled mightily during a recession from which America has yet to fully emerge.”

As noted in Project 21’s 8/11/14 press release on jobs, not only are illegal immigrants typically around the same age as unemployed black Americans, but they also often live in the same area.  This dwindles the job pool, economic prospects and educational opportunities of blacks.  While discussing possible complications to Obama’s amnesty program with Rick Amato, Almasi hit the nail on the head:

That is going to definitely hurt black Americans because the average illegal alien that’s here is about the same age as the average out-of-work black American.  They’re going to be competing for the same jobs.

Blacks, however, are not the only group that might be hurt by Obama’s apparent inconsiderate approach to immigration.  Project 21 has reported that visas for legal immigrants, especially those from the continent of Africa, could be cut in order to accommodate illegal immigrants coming to America from the Mexican border.  Although data and reporting suggest that African-born immigrants are hard workers who waited in line patiently at their home nation and are motivated to educate themselves and assimilate naturally into American society, they are seemingly being discarded like an old rag to cater to line-cutters.

As Darryn “Dutch” Martin, a Project 21 member, said, “How utterly disrespectful it would be to her and others — especially those from far-away lands — if President Obama simply gives the millions of illegals currently in our country a pass because they were able to slip across our border.”

When it comes to immigration, President Obama has done little to endear himself to the black community.

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