Project 21’s McClendon Fights Back Against Sharpton’s Lies

Project 21’s Emery McClendon is coordinating an “All Lives Matter” rally today prior to Rev. Al Sharpton’s appearance in Fort Wayne, IN.   On September 18, he told NewsMaxTV host Ed Berliner that the Black Lives Matter movement is largely based on lies.

“In order for America to be great and continue to be great,” McClendon says, “we all have to work together to realize that each and every one of us is valuable.”

“We have to start in the families. We have to start in the churches.  We have to start in the schools.  We have to let them know that America is for everyone; the American Dream is achievable by everyone.  They have to be reeducated because over the years the Democratic Party has taught our race of people… that you have to be dependent upon me.  People like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and so forth.  And over the years, 40 years plus, the same message has been preached over and over and over again but nothing has changed.  It’s all about dependency, money and power.”

So how can a more positive message permeate throughout the black community?  Parents can teach their children “that you are somebody, you are part of the American Dream.” Churches should “teach them that we need God, we need faith, and we need to believe in ourselves.  And take personal responsibility.”

McClendon truly believes all lives matter, and that that extends to unborn lives.  He notes that “most of the abortion clinics are located centrally around most of the black neighborhoods.  Why aren’t they outside picketing those?… We need to stand up for all lives.”


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