Activists Demand Free Tampons Because Men Don’t Menstruate (Seriously!)

This is truly the age of grievances.

Case in point is the new political cause arguing that tampons should be distributed for free in public restrooms, simply because public restrooms almost never charge for toilet paper.

From the New York Times:

Tampax_Tampon_Box“Tampons and pads should be treated just like toilet paper — they’re the equivalent,” said Nancy Kramer, an entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio, who started Free the Tampons, a campaign to make feminine products accessible in all restrooms. She said the cost of stocking restrooms at a school or business with sanitary supplies works out to $4.67 per girl per year. “Menstruation is a normal bodily function, and it should be treated like that.”

In other words, if your local restaurant or store operates a public restroom for free, with free toilet paper, it somehow is obligated to also provide other free stuff.

The “logic” is that men don’t use tampons; therefore, it is sexist for businesses and taxpayers not to give them to women for “free.”


If someone gives you free toilet paper, that does not mean he or she owes you free tampons.

Likewise, if someone buys you a soda, he or she does not therefore owe you a bag of chips.

This is true without regard to whether men eat chips.

Whether we are ladies or we are gentlemen, let’s be adults. We buy our own stuff and we buy the stuff our children need. If someone gives us something for free, we say, “thank you” — not “gimme more or you’re sexist.”

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