Corporations That Supported ObamaCare Need to Now Help President Trump Repeal and Replace

Will Walgreens and other corporations that formerly backed ObamaCare now reform their ways and help President Trump with his health care reform initiatives?

One J.D. discussed it with another J.D. on “Newsmax Prime” on January 27, 2017, as former Rep. J.D. Hayworth interviewed Justin Danhof, director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research.

First Danhof explained the purpose of the Free Enterprise Project:

“When you look at the landscape of corporate America, what we often see is large corporations teaming up with the federal government and kind of forming this very big symbiotic relationship. And in this circle, what’s missing is very often the voice of the American people. The American people get crowded out; their voice isn’t heard.  When you have the most powerful government in the history of the world teaming up with large corporations, they’re setting the rules.”

Danhof continued, “What we do is we go in and we try and break that symbiotic wedge and be a voice for the American people, a voice for liberty, a voice for the Constitution, a voice for freedom.”

“There is no greater example of the power of big corporations in the federal government to team up and crowd out the American people than with ObamaCare.  The pharmaceutical industry, the health insurance companies – they weren’t on the opposite side of ObamaCare; they were actually helping to craft ObamaCare.”

“And who got the taxpayer bailouts from Obamacare? The large health insurers. Who got exemptions from the Obamacare mandates?  It wasn’t the American people; it was politically-connected corporations and unions that got all of the waivers from certain ObamaCare mandates. Again, the American people’s voice wasn’t being heard.”

“During the Obama Administration, we tried to hold the feet to the fire of the corporations that promoted and supported ObamaCare.  And one of those corporations was in fact Walgreens. Walgreens promoted ObamaCare to customers while at the same time its own employees were dropped from their private healthcare plans because of some of the high compliance costs related to ObamaCare.”

What I wanted to do at the Walgreens shareholder meeting yesterday was ask a very simple question: ObamaCare is going to be repealed and replaced.  You supported that law.  As a company, you promoted that law.  A lot of harm befell millions of Americans. If they liked their doctor they couldn’t keep their doctor; if they liked their health plan they couldn’t keep their health plan.”

“President Obama and his team deserve plenty of the blame, but they’re gone now.  These corporations are still here, so I wanted to hear from them, basically on behalf of the American people, whether they’re going to reform their ways, seek forgiveness from the American people in a sense, and work with the Trump Administration on repealing and replacing ObamaCare.”

So what’s next?  “We’re going to follow up” with Walgreens leadership, said Danhof.  ”He wasn’t specific and we need specifics. President Trump and his team want to move fast to repeal and replace ObamaCare. We’ve got the political will in DC that we haven’t had in a very long time for reform that can actually help the American people. And corporations that teamed up to support ObamaCare, they now need to get in on the fix of the problem that they helped create.”

Danhof’s appearance can be seen in full below.

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