Less “Meddling” Allows Economy to Thrive – and People Understand

Under the tenure of President Donald Trump, the American economy is recovering dramatically. And the American people know it. More importantly, they appear to know why.

Probably to the great consternation of the media, the public is giving President Trump the credit for the economic turnaround. A new CBS News poll found that 68 percent of those surveyed said Trump Administration policies had a “great deal” or “somewhat” positive effect on the economy’s robust performance.

In an interview about it on the Fox Business Network’s “Varney and Co.” National Center Senior Fellow Horace Cooper said:

It’s a sign that this economy is moving. It’s working on all eight cylinders. What we’re seeing with this CBS poll is, when you ask people what’s going on, you’re seeing they understand.

For instance, Google data is reporting that we’re seeing… a strategic spike in the number of Americans searching for vacations. Last summer, we broke a record – and it looks like we’re going to break that record. Housing’s up. You know, a rising tide lifts all boats.

How did Trump do it? Horace explained:

It reminds me of the good maxim for a great Baptist preacher: “Stick to preaching and not meddling.” Over the last eight years of the Obama Administration, all the government did was meddle. All it did was minimize the ability of people to achieve. This president is saying, “We’re here to let you be successful.”


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