Record Bull Market “Great Opportunity for Every American”

With the financial markets on a roll and some indicators posting their best numbers ever, there are still liberal politicians complaining about the economy. They think the longest bull market in American history is also an indicator of the problem of a disparity of wealth.

National Center Senior Fellow Horace Cooper dispelled this misconception. On a recent segment of “Cavuto Coast or Coast” on the Fox Business Network, Horace pointed out that the market is not a closed system. Everyone has a shot at prosperity. The only guaranteed losers are those who don’t participate:

What’s really most disappointing about it is that this run-up is such a great opportunity for every American.

There are ways to address what people perceive as this unfair inequality system that the market would allow. With the socialist tendencies and aspirations, people are ignoring the opportunity. And they’re almost fulfilling their worst fears.

The liberal remedy to this non-existent problem, of course, is greater government control of the economy. Both host Neil Cavuto and fellow panelist Vanessa Neumann of the financial analysis firm Asymmetrica endorsed Horace’s comparison of a socialist strategy that would ruin opportunities and markets to the slow death a frog that’s been placed in an ever-hotter pot of water:

For a lot of people, when they see what happened in the former Soviet Union or Cuba or even what’s going on in Venezuela, it’s a lot like… putting the frog in a hot, steaming, boiling pot. What socialists like to do is just turn it up a little bit. Just turn it up a little bit. And Americans look around and they think, “Oh, free education! A lot of free goodies. That couldn’t be too bad.”

What we’ve got to do is help Americans understand the best way to get those great things is, if you turn the water completely off and let the free market allocate those resources.

A pleased Cavuto told Horace and Neumann: “You brought the goods!”

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