“A Job Program Will Not Stop Cut-Throat Killers”

You need to watch this video just to hear the anguished sighs of Leo Terrell.

Debating the issue of unrelenting violence in Chicago with Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper on the Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Terrell tried to pin the problem of out-of-control violence in the Windy City on everybody but the ones who really deserve it – the criminal element.

In typical liberal style, Terrell complained a lack of jobs was the root cause of the high murder rate and other criminal activity plaguing the city.  But, as Horace explained, “[j]obs will never come to Chicago as long as it’s Beirut on Lake Michigan.”

Despite the great news about black employment prospects these days that Horace has cheered at other times, he pointed out in this debate that “[a] job program will not stop cut-throat killers.”

Cue Terrell’s sighs.

After a long diatribe about the need for jobs and his attempt to blame the lack of them on the policies of the White House and the governor of Illinois, host Laura Ingraham took Terrell to task. She declared: “Trump didn’t create Chicago… To imply that Trump caused Chicago is absurd and it will not stand.” She then turned the conversation over to Horace, who said:

Here’s the truth. The truth is it requires two basic techniques. You must increase the fear of apprehension on those who would mug, rob or rape grandma. The people who will not let Lucy go to school, and create an environment so Frank the father can’t get a job. You must obviously start with creating… a risk of apprehension.

For those individuals, once that risk is real – who do not change, who will not conform – they must be removed. That means five-, seven or ten-year sentences.

When that happens – which we know it worked. It worked in Richmond. It worked in New York City. It worked in Louisiana – New Orleans. It will work anywhere. When that happens, then we can talk about jobs and personal responsibility.

Throughout Horace’s statement, like Al Gore debating George W. Bush in 2000, Terrell’s hot mic picked up his multiple exacerbated exhales.

When Terrell tried the employment gambit again, saying local governments don’t create jobs, Horace contended: “We have set five records for low unemployment in just the first two years.” It’s just not able to apply to the areas of Chicago where criminals rule.

Clearly beaten, Terrell proceeded to interrupt Horace’s further explanation about how jobs can’t be created in such chaos by constantly interjecting “talking point.” Horace replied: “This is not a talking point. It’s a reality.”

When they can’t win, many people go low. And that’s exactly what Terrell did here.



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