AOC’s Immigration Comments So Radical Even the Media Pushed Back

It’s “amazing” that congressional gadfly Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, colloquially known as AOC, might think her radical and prolific comments shouldn’t be challenged – particularly from centrist political quarters.

In a new commentary published by Western Free Press, Project 21 member Jerome Danner takes particular exception to AOC’s comments that compared detention facilities for illegal immigrants caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border to the concentration camps run by Nazis during World War II that were used to exterminate millions of innocent European Jews.

Jerome notes that AOC “continues to bring news on what feels like a daily basis.” And he predicts that “[s]he’ll continue receiving pushback against her socialist views as long as she voices them.”

In the commentary, Jerome uses AOC’s detention center-concentration camp comparison as an example of her out-of-the-mainstream beliefs and her willingness to shout them from the rooftops. This comparison was challenged by European Holocaust experts here and abroad as well as American politicians on the left and right. Even the media is skeptical of her on this issue, with Chuck Todd calling her out on MSNBC and saying “they’re not at all comparable, in the slightest.”

Jerome adds in his commentary:

It is amazing that AOC (and her fan base) could believe that the concentration camps of the Nazis, which were motivated by hatred of Jewish people, would be akin to the detention of immigrants at our borders. Anyone can agree or disagree with Trump’s policies on immigration or how border security is being handled, but making extreme assessments do not help the debate.

There is a clear difference between taking a group of citizens, starving them to death or gassing them to death (among other harsh crimes), and figuring out how to manage droves of people who desire to enter a country legally or illegally. If you cannot see the difference between Nazi concentration camps and ICE detention facilities, then you are the problem.

But he doesn’t think his criticism, of even the criticism of the establishment media, will be enough to cause AOC to reflect on her comments in the serious manner they deserve. He points out:

[S]he will never be free from criticism, especially because she is a representative of an economic and political system that opposes the freedom and free markets that many hold so dear to their political hearts.

To read Jerome’s full commentary at Western Free Press – “Chuck Todd Breaks Ranks on ICE-Concentration Camp Claim” – click here.


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