Levi’s Anti-Gun Politics Puts Brand at Risk

The Free Enterprise Project (FEP)’s recent appearance at the Levi Strauss & Co. shareholder meeting is being highlighted by Breitbart News.

At that meeting, FEP presented stunning polling data showing the denim giant risks alienating current and potential customers by throwing its support behind Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and other anti-gun initiatives.

In the article, National Center Vice President David W. Almasi, who attended the Levi’s meeting on behalf of FEP, described the risk to the company and reiterated FEP’s warning that Levi’s should not dabble in politics that could harm the brand:

Levi’s is all-in with the social justice warriors. In addition to anti-gun activism, they are also lending corporate support for environmental causes and various matters associated with leftism. Levi’s will continue its anti-gun activism and support for anti-gun causes even after the Free Enterprise Project gave them polling data showing it hurts their reputation and can drive customers elsewhere. Taking on this unnecessary risk is an affront to investors of any political alignment. Levi’s owes it to its investors, employees and business partners to remain politically neutral to protect the brand.

To read the entire Breitbart News article – “Levi Strauss Sticking With Gun Control Push Whether Customers Agree or Not” – click here.

Breitbart article about Levi's and Guns

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