Hell Freezes Over? Cooper and Terrell Find Common Ground!

Not too long ago, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper and attorney Leo Terrell regularly engaged in raucous policy debates on the Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle.”

Those days appear to be over. In a recent segment of Sean Hannity’s nationally syndicated radio show, the one-time adversaries shared a disdain for liberal politicians’ unwillingness to come to the table with the White House over fixing kitchen table issues that include crime and education.

Horace and other Project 21 members recently spoke out in support of a Trump Administration overture to the mayor of Chicago and governor of Illinois to seek to find solutions to the epidemic of crime in the Windy City.

Terrell’s newfound distrust of the liberal establishment to deal with black America’s concerns finds him now largely in agreement with Horace!

Speaking about the spurned White House offer, Horace lamented:

What is absolutely amazing to me is why [liberal leaders] just can’t take “yes” for an answer… [U]nder eight years of Barack Obama, they ignored [the crime problem]. They didn’t pay attention. And people lost their lives. Families suffered.

The president is saying: “Let’s put all that aside. Here is what I’m willing to do.” And he said this to the mayor…

I say shame on them for not leaping at the chance to just say “yes” and take this opportunity to save lives.

This is the sort of thing that Horace said people “expect our leaders to do.”

And Terrell, once an ardent opponent of Horace’s opinions, agreed. Terrell said that liberal leaders have “no policies, no programs whatsoever.” They are motivated only by the thought of seizing control of the government, and that they are “prohibited from working for this country… from working with Donald Trump.”

This is why Terrell broke with his former allies on the left. Noting that this destructive mindset is becoming more apparent, he said there is a “silent majority” supporting the Trump presidency.

Horace endorsed Terrell’s assertion of liberal leaders governing without the public in mind – even though they have met racial criteria. Education is one obvious policy area. He noted:

In all of these jurisdictions, they have put in place people that look like the residents that have elected them. And notwithstanding what they look like, they are not doing the kinds of things [expected of them].

Why can’t we get behind education reform – which is wildly popular…

If you’ve been wondering why Horace and Terrell haven’t been booked together on Ingraham’s show lately – wonder no more!

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