Reasons for Conservatives to Give Thanks

Donna Jackson

Amidst COVID-19 chaos and the presidential election, Project 21 member Donna Jackson notes that it “has been challenging for all Americans, but — for conservative Americans — it was doubly burdensome.”

As conservatives gather – in groups of any size they choose – for Thanksgiving celebrations, Donna believes that “there are many more reasons to be hopeful than discouraged.”

Despite the setbacks, Donna writes in a commentary syndicated by InsideSources that the “silver lining” in all of this is that conservatives have been “shaken from our complacency.” She adds:

[W]e all now realize the seriousness of the fight we are in. We are no longer willing to settle for minor victories or half-measures. We see our basic American freedoms under attack, and we want nothing less than a full restoration of liberty.

While a Biden victory in the Electoral College appears more likely as state election results are certified, Donna explains that – victorious or not – President Donald Trump has “unleashed something bigger than himself.”

This “MAGA Nation,” as she calls it, has both put conservatives on notice and brought about a “great blue-collar awakening” in which a “silent majority is no longer silent.” They are impressed and inspired by the president’s “willingness to take on all opponents” including the media, Hollywood, the woke radicals and the DC swamp creatures.

And this new coalition can succeed and grow because of a diversity that the left either can’t see or willfully ignores. Donna explains:

Never-Trumpers have labeled people like me “deplorables” (though we were not the ones rioting and looting); white supremacists (although I’m black); homophobes (although my best friend is gay); xenophobes (although my extended family members are from the Philippines and Mexico) and much more.

Save the angst for creating the perfect meal and don’t despair the political future. “Like a phoenix,” Donna predicts, “conservatives will rise from the ashes.” She points out that “we now understand this is the fight that needs to be fought by the many, not by the one…”

“And we can still win.”

To read Donna’s full commentary – “Still Plenty of Reasons for Conservatives to Be Thankful” – at the website of the Oklahoma City Oklahoman, click here.

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