Left’s Corporate Takeover “Nearly Completed”

With the left “actively and constantly engag[ing] corporate America,” Free Enterprise Project (FEP) Director Justin Danhof, Esq., had to admit it: “They’re winning!”

“They’re winning,” he pointed out, “for one simple word: engagement.”

Through politicized company ratings, protests and activism and applying pressure as investors, among other things, the left is “the tail wagging the dog” of corporate America. The effects can be seen in United Airlines setting race and gender goals for pilots, Procter and Gamble promoting gender politics, and other companies increasingly weighing in on legislative issues.

Promoting the new FEP-affiliated StopCorporateTyranny.org website, Justin told One America News host  Christina Bobb: “We need to push back on these woke corporate actors.”

Explaining the severity of the threat that woke capitalism poses to America, Justin said:

We’re really hoping to push back because… the left took their slow march through academia and now completely control higher education. They went through Hollywood in the same way. They went through many of our churches.

And if we don’t push back on the left’s attempt to take over corporate America… It’s nearly completed, folks.

This long-overdue response is necessary for bringing corporate America back to neutral:

They’ve been hearing from the left for over a decade, nearly constantly. The right needs to engage companies with equal vigor, or we’re going to continue to see what we saw in Georgia – where companies are all on board to help, frankly, corrupt our elections by lying about Georgia’s voter integrity measures.

We’ve got 400 companies right now – that are leading American companies – that are pushing Capitol Hill to pass the Equality Act. This would end women’s sports and cancel religious freedom as we know it.

Along with this new coalition of conservative activists, the new website adds to FEP’s existing efforts in “letting the companies know that there’s another side out there.”

“We’re going to be vigilant,” Justin said, “because that’s the only way that we’re gonna get these companies back to neutral and out of the culture wars.”

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