“Real Livelihoods are Affected” By Vaccine Passports

People who live and work in New York City will soon have to show proof they’ve been vaccinated against COVID in order to do common things such as go to restaurants and gyms. This new mandate will not be simply enforced by the honor system, as the removal of mask mandates have been in other areas. It is expected that businesses will need to employ the equivalent of bouncers and doormen to bar the entry of the unvaccinated.

Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham noted that black New Yorkers – only 31% of whom are fully vaccinated – are likely to be affected most (and disproportionately) by this barrier to entry. And while this presents a clear and present danger to black opportunity and access, she noted there is a “deafening silence” about this “disparate impact” among Black Lives Matter organizers and other racial activists including Al Sharpton.

Joining Ingraham in this discussion on “The Ingraham Angle” was Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper. He noted the brutal impact this new liberal policy will have on residents, visitors and patrons of the Big Apple:

Real livelihoods are affected. The ability to feed yourself, to provide for your family, to be self-sufficient is literally at stake with these so-called vaccine passports. All they’re going to do is exacerbate the existing disparity in the number of people [affected].

And, by the way, this is poor people as well as minorities who are gonna be less likely to partake in the vaccine if this technique is employed.

Commenting on the lack of outrage from the perpetually-incensed black radical leaders, Horace said this impending chaos actually plays into the plans of the leftist coalition:

Any time they can divide us, any time they can create racial division, these guys and gals come out to do it.

Any time they need to actually stand up to represent and promote the interests of America – and, in particular, the black Americans that they regularly say they want to represent – they are silent.

This is, of course, contradictory to what they should be doing if they truly cared:

You know, this is a killer disease that you would think they would want to come out into the communities, talk to people, engage them, educate them and the like.

It is, to me, the height of irony that we’re hearing nothing when people who won’t be able to go to gyms to work out – even though overweight people in the black community are a significant comorbidity issue – [and] people who aren’t college-educated, aren’t white collar professionals, who often work at the restaurants and these other kinds of places, are now going to be told you can’t have the access to do this.

This is particularly contradictory considering the current debate over the necessity for identification when voting. While leftists have pushed for less need for ID when casting a ballot, they are now complicit through their silence in mandating proof of vaccination for working, eating out and otherwise traveling freely:

I’m not too old to remember 2020, when I was told that… – an ID card that everybody uses for all of their activities –  if you find one person that can’t go vote because they never got their ID card, oh, that’s the end of the world and it’s evidence of the bigotry and racism.

Now we’re literally saying you can’t keep your job, you can’t actually provide for yourself, you’re going to have to become a ward of the state [if you don’t have a vaccine passport].

“This is not how you do it,” Horace warned about this new, draconian trend to make people feel they have to get the COVID vaccine.

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