The American Dream Is Available To All Races, by Emery McClendon

Regarding divisive issues such as abortion, Black Lives Matter (BLM), Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project, it’s unfortunate that too many blacks listen only to what they hear from the mainstream media, radical BLM activists and so-called black community leaders.

Emery McClendon

Emery McClendon

Taking their propaganda at face value, it’s not surprising these black folk believe that BLM is good and it stands up for and improves all black lives. Nothing could actually be further from the truth.

These people are keeping themselves in the dark and ignoring the truth – not realizing the left’s real agenda is being deliberately hidden from them.

That’s when it’s important to take time to understand the actual agenda of the left. But virtually no time or effort is spent – no research of the original charter of BLM or comparisons of the statements made by radical leaders with real history – by those who fall prey to it.

It’s too easy to jump on the left’s bandwagon after hearing incessant talk about systemic racism and police brutality or that bias toward blacks is engraved in America’s foundation as a nation. Too many blacks aren’t familiar with American history, civics or how our government is designed to work. All they hear, and thus repeat, is how bad America is – because the white man oppresses them because all whites are racist – whether they act on it or not.

This propaganda is hammered into people day in and day out. Never mind that a little research will prove the left’s allegations to be false. Yet most blacks aren’t exposed to racial relations after 1865 or post-Jim Crow. They seem to think the Civil Rights Movement worked to guarantee handouts to the black community begun under Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society welfare programs. That’s now a progression toward reparations.

Black folk are now hooked on dependency and false promises. They seek the welfare of equity instead of the opportunity of equality.

They fall for the lies because the loud-mouthed radicals in the pulpits and the press say that it is so. They fall prey to the assurances that the left is there to help them overcome obstacles.

But it’s actually the liberals and their black enablers who are responsible for holding the black community back. It’s profitable for them to do so.

The Clintons, Biden, Pelosi and others – including the Congressional Black Caucus and people like Al Sharpton – are the ones most responsible for keeping blacks down and in the dark by constantly ascribing blame while not fixing the problems plaguing these communities. They never lead oppressed communities to the pathway of success.

Why is this so?

It appears the poverty pimps need prostitutes to continue to line their bank accounts and keep them leaders in the community. And this leads to division, hate, ignorance and a generational poverty cycle among those who fall prey to their agenda.

There’s a failure to realize the pathway to self-reliance exists in plain view through our nation’s founding principles and by understanding our unalienable God-given rights. That message is being silenced in the minority communities where it is desperately needed if we are to continue to be a great nation.

Giving people hope is the cure to bringing them out of darkness and leading them to personal success. Those of us who know this truth must proclaim it daily. It is only then that we can make America great again as one nation under God.

The American Dream is not limited to a certain ethnic group. It is available to anyone that pursues it.


Emery McClendon, a member of the Project 21 national advisory council, lives in northern Indiana. This was first published by Issues & Insights.

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