Biden Called “Walking Bigotry,” Left Remains Silent

During a briefing about Hurricane Ida relief efforts, President Joe Biden called Cedric Richmond – the director of public engagement at the White House – his “boy.” Where is the outrage?

Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper called Biden “walking bigotry,” while RT host Steve Malzberg noted that “there’s hardly a peep from the media.” This silence comes from the same people who were aghast when H. Ross Perot called an NAACP crowd “you people,” and who compiled a lexicon of “dog whistle” racist words – including “Chicago” and “golf” – that were allegedly being used against Barack Obama.

In a segment of the RT program “Eat the Press,” Horace and Malzberg analyzed the reaction (or non-reaction) to Biden having called Richmond – a former congressman – “my senior advisor and boy who knows Louisiana very, very well, man” at that briefing. Malzberg asked: “Am I making too much of this, and would the media have reacted if this had been Trump or G.W. Bush?”

“Well, this is exactly the issue,” Horace replied. “In every corporate boardroom, all kinds of media narratives, they tell us that there’s certain language that just can never be used. And, when it is, it’s poisonous and there have to be consequences.”

But in this instance, in which it concerns the president of the United States – who’s already suspected of having cognitive issues – whom the left needs to protect in order to implement a radical agenda, there seems to be a distinct double-standard in place. Horace explained:

Here you have the president of the United States using the very language that we’re told can never be used, would never be appropriate. And yet, other than programs like yours and a couple of others, there’s nary a peep about it. It is so hypocritical.

Now here is my question: If the phrasing “boy” is nearly as poisonous as we’re told that it is, why hasn’t former Congressman Richmond responded? Why haven’t all of those voices that always tell us that they’re championing the interests of blacks – why haven’t they condemned the president? It is really, really telling that it turns out there’s a lot more concern about what party is involved when conversations take place than the actual language.

Calling this an “excellent point,” Malzberg noted that Horace was the first person he’s heard from who brought up the very pertinent question asking why Richmond has not commented or even been asked to comment on the perceived racial slight.

If this were an isolated instance, perhaps this could be overlooked. But it’s not. In making his assertion of Biden embodying “walking bigotry,” Horace noted that he could cite a myriad of Biden’s inappropriate comments:

It’s unbelievable the amount of conversation that this man has had throughout his political career in which he continually makes these kinds of statements. This isn’t an out-of-context concern.

Here is the question: What exactly does this guy’s bigoted remarks have to accomplish in order for him to be condemned broadly?

“That’s a darn good question,” Malzberg replied.

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