Pfizer a “Den of Discrimination”

With its embrace of “equity” on several fronts, Pfizer – the company behind one of the three COVID vaccines Americans are being forced to take – has become “a den of discrimination deserving loud condemnation.”

In addition to its prior support of the “Equality Act” that would advance the LGBT agenda at the expense of religious freedom and women in sports, the pharmaceutical giant was recently found by Fox News to be engaging in racial quotas for hiring as well as fostering a divisive workplace environment.

In a Townhall commentary, the National Center’s Scott Shepard describes an employee training program of Pfizer’s that is rooted in critical race theory:

Pfizer, and [CEO Albert] Bourla, have endorsed the notion that “white supremacy” is at fault for any aproportionality in racial outcomes or any police shootings of black people, thus calumniating white people while infantilizing black people. Predictably, Bourla has nothing to say about black-on-black crime, which results in vastly more deaths than occur as the result of police conduct; or black-on-white crime, which occurs much more often than white-on-black; or about non-racial, personal-behavior components of the success that any person achieves…

What sort of internal racial dialogues does Pfizer advocate? Ones in which black employees are encouraged to speak their minds about race and to express their outrage and concern when black people are shot by police officers (regardless, it appears, of the personal responsibility of those shot) or when non-preferred candidates are elected to office. Whites, however, are given no similar expressive opportunities. The only roles they are granted in these materials are to listen, empathize, accept and apologize.

Scott concludes that this overtly political stance on the part of Pfizer puts it in a perilous situation over the long term:

Now that Pfizer and its vaccine are integral parts of the Biden Administration’s (likely unconstitutional, and opposed by Candidate Biden) vaccine mandate, set to hit tens of millions of Americans, Pfizer has effectively become an arm of the government. You would expect – well, I would expect – that under such circumstances it would strive not to discriminate against anyone, as it will surely be under close and detailed scrutiny the next time investigatory powers change hands. Pfizer appears to disagree.

But, Scott wonders, “where’s the equity in taking away the bodily integrity of tens of millions of Americans?”

As it is, Scott notes that “perhaps ‘equity’ at Pfizer means Pfizer actively discriminates about who gets rights, and who is denied them.”

To read all of “Pfizer ‘Wins’ Discrimination Trifecta,” Scott’s Townhall commentary, click here.

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