Transgender Proposal Threatens Health Care Quality

The Biden Administration is pushing through its transgender agenda so quickly you may not have a chance to oppose it.

Private insurers may soon be compelled by Obamacare rules to pay for sex-change surgeries. And the Biden Administration has fast-tracked the consideration process in an apparent effort to blunt as much opposition to this plan as possible.

In an analysis by National Center Senior Fellow Bonner Cohen, Ph.D., that appeared in The Heartland Institute’s Health Care News, Bonner reported:

[T]he rule reinstates Obama-era language under the ACA’s section 1557, which deals with discrimination. The Trump administration removed sexual orientation and gender identity from the anti-discrimination language, and Biden’s HHS is putting them back in.

The public comment period is a minuscule 22 days. These periods are usually 60 days or more.

Bonner cited experts in the health care field who called the proposed Biden rule vague and legally suspect. Suggesting that the White House is ignoring the science in this situation, Bonner quoted Matthew Eyles of AHIP – an insurance industry trade association – who called the proposal “a slippery slope of eliminating benefit limits that are based on clinical evidence, support value-based care, and ensure affordable premiums.”

This, Bonner pointed out, “is part of a broader effort to force health insurers to pay for what is ultimately social policy.”

Obamacare and all of its mandates failed to reduce health care costs as was promised. The addition of Biden transgender agenda demands could further imperil the quality and availability of care for all Americans into the future.

To read all of Bonner’s analysis, click here.

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