Klaus Schwab WEF Agenda

Ethan Peck: WEF’s Klaus Schwab Is “Like the Real-Life Version of a Bond Villain”

On the BEK News program “Ladies of Another View,” the Free Enterprise Project’s Ethan Peck pulls back the curtains on World Economic Forum Chairperson Klaus Schwab.

Ethan explains why Schwab reminds him of Dr. Evil from the “Austin Powers” movie franchise: “He’s like the real-life version of a Bond villain.”

In the second segment, Ethan notes that the Free Enterprise Project (FEP) targets Schwab and WEF because of their influence on corporate leaders, who gather with Schwab every year in Davos, Switzerland.  He also explains how FEP is fighting back, and how you can too.

Ethan wrote about this topic for Human Events in an article entitled, “The Grand Conspirator: Klaus Schwab.”

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