Donna Jackson Testimony

Donna Jackson: Minorities Suffer Disproportionately Under Biden Climate Policies

One week after participating in “A Roundtable on Unaffordable Energy Costs” with members of the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee, Project 21’s Donna Jackson has summarized her remarks in a striking commentary syndicated through InsideSources.

Donna Jackson

Donna Jackson

Donna, who serves as Project 21’s director of membership development, writes in part:

If you think high energy costs are hard on the middle class, imagine how they affect those struggling to reach the middle class.

As the Biden administration marches on with its energy price-boosting climate agenda, it is disproportionately hurting the most economically vulnerable Americans and stifling their dreams of a better future….

Environmentalists talk about a climate catastrophe, but what about the human one? Much is said about the environmental effects and the need to save the planet, but very little is said about the economic effects of government remedies on human beings….

It should be obvious that poverty — not pollution — is a greater threat. But the Biden agenda is willfully blind to this reality.

Read Donna’s commentary in full here.

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