Scott Shepard Discusses Censorship on OAN

Scott Shepard: If AT&T & DirecTV Want to Fight Disinformation, Start With CNN and MSNBC, Not Newsmax and OAN

On the One America News Network (OAN), Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard and guest host Stella Escobedo discussed the censorship of conservative voices. This was most recently evidenced when AT&T-owned DirecTV dropped Newsmax TV from its lineup, just as it dropped OAN in April.

Scott told Stella that the wrong media outlets are being targeted:

Consider that CNN and MSNBC have been wrong over the last four to six years about everything, all the time. They were wrong about Hunter Biden’s laptop. They were wrong about Russian collusion. They were wrong about the effects of the vaccine. They were wrong — well, I mean, CNN had Brian Stelter there for years. He’s never ever been right, except accidentally.

So if we’re hounding news sources because they’re wrong, because they’re spreading disinformation and misinformation, then the list should obviously start with CNN and ESPN.


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