Melissa Ortiz: Holocaust Slaughter of People With Disabilities Echoes in Medical Care Today

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Able Americans Senior Advisor Melissa Ortiz was featured in multiple news outlets describing how people with disabilities were slaughtered during the Holocaust, and discussing how the same devaluation of these individuals continues to echo throughout health care today.

In a Washington Times commentary, Melissa wrote:

Ideas that were once reprehensible are again being embraced and championed. The twist is even more sinister this time. Murder is now called a compassionate choice. Medical Aid in Dying is thought to ease supposedly meaningless suffering, Euthanasia is now called Physician Assisted Suicide. Healers are again becoming killers simply to save insurance companies money and guard community resources. Money is calling the shots, not respect for all human beings who have something to offer simply because they are living….

As inflation rises and resources tighten, a stealthy move will be made toward mandatory euthanasia for people who are expensive to maintain or problematic to include – back to the “involuntary euthanasia” that culminated with the Holocaust.

In the commentary, Melissa shared her own personal experience advocating against this mentality during her recent cancer battle. She elaborated further when talking with OAN’s Stella Escobedo.

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