FEP Sues Starbucks for Tying Executive Pay to Racist Hiring Goals

Over the last few years, our Free Enterprise Project (FEP) representatives have warned dozens of corporations that their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies are racist — and very likely illegal.

Some companies have heard us, but many others have ignored us in favor of the loud leftists who typically dominate shareholder meetings.

This past summer, we made sure Starbucks and other woke offenders couldn’t overlook us any longer. We teamed up with the American Civil Rights (ACR) Project on a lawsuit against Starbucks, arguing that the company’s executive compensation policy incentivizing diversity goals creates “racial prejudice against white job candidates.”

An article at HR Brew this week discusses our lawsuit:

In NCPPR v. Schultz et al., the plaintiffs allege that Starbucks’s executive compensation policy, which began in 2021, “appeared to violate Title VII, both by incentivizing officers to violate Title VII in hiring and promotional decisions, and by discriminating based on the race of officers’ workforces in setting officers’ compensation levels.”

Read the full article here.

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