Project 21 Blasts Chicago Mayor-Elect for Sympathizing With Violent Mob

Americans have been rightly horrified this week by a viral video showing innocent bystanders being attacked by a vicious mob of teenagers in Chicago. But while the nation looks on aghast, Chicago’s own mayor-elect seems to be siding with the perpetrators.

According to an article in RedState:

The story is made all the worse by the incredible response of Chicago’s new mayor-elect, Brandon Johnson, who appeared to sympathize with the rioters. He released a statement that included the sentence, “…it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.” As RedState‘s Sister Toldjah wrote, “…on a news broadcast, Johnson again refused to condemn the rioters and looters even after being repeatedly asked if he condoned what they did. Instead, Johnson focused on how the perpetrators were allegedly ‘acting out of desperation’ and said that you have to ‘pay attention to the cries that people have.’”

Members of the Project 21 black leadership network thankfully see the truth more clearly, and they are speaking out against Johnson’ callousness toward victims and the rule of law.

Curtis T. Hill, Jr.

Curtis T. Hill, Jr.

Project 21’s Curtis T. Hill, Jr., former attorney general of neighboring state Indiana, says:

It’s mind-numbing how Chicago — a city with over 2.8 million people — continues to elect incompetent, incapable and ill-informed enablers who defend lawless malcontents hellbent on destroying opportunity while ignoring the fear and agony of honest victims left to their own devices.

Just when you think that Chicago has dodged a bullet by heaving Lori “Lightweight” from a job she was ill-equipped to handle, along comes the new mayor-elect, who may prove worse as he listens to the “cries” of criminals and hoods instead of the pleas for help from honest citizens wanting to live in peace.

Chicago, like many great cities across this nation, is getting just what it voted for!

Rev. David Lowery, Jr.

Rev. David Lowery, Jr.

Project 21 ‘s David L. Lowery, Jr., co-pastor at Fernwood Community Outreach Church in Chicago, says:

This is a prime example of the critical race theory that the children of today are being taught. Our children are not learning about reading, science and math, nor are they developing logic and critical-thinking skills to help them develop to be good citizens. They do not understand that Black Lives Matter and other so-called civil rights organizations tore this country apart using George Floyd, and other black men who were killed at the hands of the police, to justify senseless violence.

Incoming Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is a product of parents who caved in to the government system that teaches children to hate their parents and to embrace critical race theory to justify their violence. Johnson will be a puppet for the Chicago Teachers Union and won’t do anything other than follow instructions of the handlers who put him in office. Chicago will continue to suffer because its citizens chose somebody with black skin instead of experience.

These children should be prosecuted for violence, looting and damage to property. There should be a curfew and any violation of the curfew could result in being locked up. There need to be designated areas that the teenagers can go and congregate besides on the streets, and other resources should be provided for them to be acclimated to society as good citizens. The mayor of Chicago needs to implement an educational system that actually teaches children math, science, reading and critical thinking instead of homosexuality and transgenderism.

DawnMarie Alexander Boursiquot

DawnMarie Alexander Boursiquot

Project 21’s DawnMarie Alexander Boursiquot says:

Chicago, and many other communities lorded over by entrenched progressive leaders, have become environments akin to the Hunger Games where lawlessness is the norm. There has been a vacuum of morality and respect in our country; we are now raising a society of entitled heathens — a society of idols where people care more about their feelings and desires and nothing about their neighbor. While we are admonished to love our neighbor like ourselves, people instead are allowed to run amuck and they wreak havoc on their communities.

Critical race theory and other leftist claptrap has become the scapegoat — personal responsibility be damned. These entitled, fatherless children are running rampant through our communities. Decency and decorum are lost notions; striving for a better life is futile because those in power continue to make excuses and ignore the need for the nuclear family that built our great nation. Young people need hope, not false manifestation of victimhood.

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