Patrina Mosley: A Reckoning for the Abortion Industry

You cannot ignore the issue of abortion. A 40-year precedent was overturned in the Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Patrina Mosley

Patrina Mosley

Abortion is a winning issue because it is a relevant issue. It is not going to go away. Often issues take on new forms as time evolves. Just as with the issue of slavery, the abolitionists prevailed in the Civil War, but today we have the organized crime of human trafficking dubbed modern-day slavery. So, the issue of slavery has never really gone away, it’s just taken on a new form, and so it will be with abortion. We may get to the point where we can abolish the right of a mother to take the life of her child. But we will never get away from the circumstances of unplanned pregnancies and the malignant pharmaceutical companies that will put profit over people.

If the issue is relevant, you lose when you don’t discuss it. You lose when one party is talking about it, and the other is not. One party looks trustworthy, and the other looks as if they have something to hide.

The abortion issue is critical to the welfare of American women and women beyond our borders. Abortion is the next infomercial for a class-action lawsuit. Let me explain why.

The abortion pill makes up more than half of all U.S. abortions and carries four times the risk of hemorrhaging, severe infection, incomplete abortion and death. This lethal regime was initially approved as RU-486 and carried a black box warning from the FDA because of its significant risk of adverse effects. Yet, these chemical pills have been promoted as safe and effective for women by the same medical professionals who receive kickbacks from the pill’s manufacturer, Danco Pharmaceuticals.

The abortion pill regime has become the go-to method because it saves the abortion industry time and money on the overhead of facilities and certified physicians. It is a do-it-yourself method that has led to untold physical and psychological harm to the women they claim to support. There has been a 500 percent spike in emergency room visits because of the abortion pill, and there have been more than 4,000 reported adverse effects and 24 recorded deaths.

In the recent lawsuit filed by Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, “the 5th Circuit’s order prohibits abortionists from sending chemical abortion drugs through the mail, which the FDA had been allowing since 2021 in direct violation of longstanding federal law. Additionally, in 2016, the FDA extended the permissible gestational age of the baby for which a girl or woman may take chemical abortion drugs — from seven weeks’ gestation to 10 weeks’ gestation. The 5th Circuit’s order moved that back to seven weeks’ gestation, protecting the mother from adverse complications that increase with gestational age, reinstated necessary doctor visits, and brought back the requirement that abortionists must check women for complications after their chemical abortions. The 5th Circuit also agreed with ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom, who represented the plaintiffs in the case) attorneys that the FDA’s approval of generic mifepristone was unlawful and that the manufacturer must cease production by Friday.”

With all these reversals, one can see how many safeguards were removed over time in the name of abortion “access,” but really profit. They make money on the regime, then on the emergency room visits and other complications women come in with, who often have no insurance, and then on more of the dosages of the pill regime to complete the botched abortion.

This irregulated “access” has resulted in numerous women suffering unnecessarily from gestational misdiagnosis because pills in the mail do not replace a doctor physically examining someone, downplaying the dangerous risks associated with ingesting chemicals powerful enough to not only end the life of the child but the mother as well. The psychological trauma added at the sight of the aborted remains that the manufacturer and distributors like Planned Parenthood says should be discarded in the shower or toilet gets overlooked. No one has yet to tell how this mishandling of medical bio-waste affects our septic and water systems. Another future lawsuit infomercial?

In the case of abortion, African-American women make up 7 percent of the population but have the highest abortion rate in the country. Among the revelations that Black women are often treated with less care by medical professionals, they are among the most harmed by the abortion industry’s lack of protocol and safety and re-enforces our grievances with the medical community in America.

Last, sexual abusers and partners who are unwilling fathers have access to the abortion pill and have used it to force women to abort and cover up their assaults.

There is a reckoning coming with abortion. It is the same old fight of snake-oil pharmaceutical companies versus the vulnerable who believed the product could fix their problems but instead brought them new ones, and, in this case, the latest issue is abortion. There is no hiding from this as it will undoubtedly be the medical negligence and malpractice of the century, where women, Black women and those sexually exploited will bring a reckoning to the abortion industry.

Patrina Mosley is a member of Project 21 Black Leadership Network, a former appointed Human Rights adviser to USAID, and the founder of PPM Consulting. She wrote this for

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