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Roland Martin’s Solution to Gun Violence? Wiping Out Republicans

After the recent mass shooting in Allen, Texas, our nation is once again grieving and grappling for answers. But this time, podcast host Roland Martin has a unique solution to solve gun violence: He says we need “to completely wipe out the Republican Party.”

Craig DeLuz

Craig DeLuz

Ambassadors with the Project 21 black leadership network denounce Martin’s commentary — which some have noted could be seen as inciting violence — and offer these responses instead.

Project 21’s Craig DeLuz says:

The problem is not guns. It’s the “Zero Bail,” “Sanctuary City” and “Defund the Police” liberal policies that have progressively made our streets less and less safe.

As social justice warriors like Roland Martin continue to advocate for criminals of color, they ignore the fact that overwhelmingly their victims also happen to be people of color.  He clearly cares more about violent criminals than he does their victims.

David L. Lowery, Jr.

David L. Lowery, Jr.

Project 21’s David Lowery, Jr. says:

After decades of leftist leadership, black communities continue to suffer from uncontrolled crime and economic woes while progressives clamor for more devastation to black communities through unfettered abortion.

Instead of calling for violence in their mission to destroy conservative thought, Roland Martin and his ilk should be looking for ways to improve the quality of life in black and brown communities.

Martin is an embarrassment and nothing more than a puppet for the left.

Melanie Collette

Melanie Collette

Project 21’s Melanie Collette adds:

Roland Martin’s incendiary comments add fuel to an already divisive rift between the left and right.

The left is quick to call out its version of hateful rhetoric when a pundit on the right dares to disagree with progressive viewpoints. Meanwhile, media outlets like MSNBC overlook potentially violent language coming from liberal pundits like Martin, proving just how intolerant “the party of tolerance” can often be.

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