Author: Bonner Cohen

Administration Invokes "Yellow Peril" To Peddle Green Energy

Administration Invokes “Yellow Peril” To Peddle Green Energy

National Policy Analysis #617 /
In a recent address before the National Press Club in Washington, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the United States is in clear danger of losing the "energy race" to China. "For centuries, America has led the world in innovation. Today, ...

Obama’s Ocean Policy Initiative: Washington’s Latest Power Grab

National Policy Analysis #611 /
As if the sputtering U.S. economy weren’t in enough trouble already, the Obama administration is cooking up a new scheme that will extend the heavy hand of Washington to where it has never gone before. Unveiled with precious little fanfare ...

U.S. Falling Behind China, Russia in Scramble for Strategic Natural Resources

National Policy Analysis #581 /
By rushing to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, which are unaffordable and unavailable on a commercial scale, the Obama administration is playing Russian roulette with America’s future.   At stake is a shift in the global balance of power ...

Law of the Sea Treaty Could Prove Dangerous to America

National Policy Analysis #534 /
As if the war in Iraq and the ever-present threat of a terrorist attack weren't enough to worry about, the Bush administration may have decided to resurrect one of the worst foreign-policy ideas to come along in decades: the Law ...

End the Asbestos Nightmare

Even before he took the oath of office for his second term, President Bush pledged to work with Congress to reform the nation's costly asbestos-litigation system. Noting the loss of jobs and the wave of bankruptcies brought on by asbestos ...

Time to Out the Real Outsourcers

National Policy Analysis #518 /
Outsourcing. The mere mention of the word is enough to send shivers down the spines of millions of Americans, fearful of losing their jobs to workers in China, India, or some other country where labor is cheap. While economists, business ...

Playing Games With SUV Safety Statistics

National Policy Analysis #519 /
Consumers are constantly reminded to "read the fine print" before spending their hard-earned cash on items ranging from breakfast cereals to mutual funds. Being on guard against misleading advertising is sound advice; no one wants to be hoodwinked. That same ...

The Endangered Species Act: Bad for People, Bad for Wildlife

In the 30 years since its enactment, the Endangered Species Act has emerged as one of the most powerful, and ineffective, environmental statutes on the books. Of the some 1,260 species listed as "endangered" or "threatened" under the ESA, fewer ...

Continental Shelf’s Energy Riches a Potential Bonanza for Cash-Strapped States

Good ideas from Washington are about as common as World Series appearances by the Chicago Cubs or the Boston Red Sox. But while the hapless Cubs and Red Sox will have to wait another season (or more) for their day ...

For Security’s Sake, D.C. Government Should Ignore Greenpeace on Homeland Security

National Policy Analysis #503 /
The Department of Homeland Security's recent "Code-Orange" alert was a grim reminder of the ever-present threat posed by terrorism. Fortunately, the alert passed with no harm done. Indeed, the heightened awareness shown by security officials, law-enforcement personnel, and the private ...

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