Author: Bonner Cohen

The National Aviation Heritage Act: No Way to Celebrate the Wright Brothers

Ten Second Response /
BACKGROUND: The U. S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote Nov. 18 on the "National Aviation Heritage Act," H.R. 280. Sponsored by Rep. David Hobson (R-OH), the bill would create a National Aviation Heritage Area encompassing several counties in ...

Dioxin Shenanigans: Why the is EPA Afraid of Independent Peer Review?

If he makes it past a bruising Senate confirmation process, Utah Governor and EPA Administrator-designate Mike Leavitt will soon face an even bigger challenge. How does he deal with an entrenched EPA bureaucracy that - if it can get away ...

Ecoterrorism a Real Threat to Homeland Security

National Policy Analysis #488 /
As the nation pauses to commemorate the second anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, Americans have once again been reminded that unbridled zealotry can beget a ghastly human toll. Of the many questions asked in the ...

Tinkering With Energy is Playing With Fire: Cap and Trade Schemes are Regressive, Placing Burdens on Low-Income Communities

National Policy Analysis #490 /
Hopes for a swift and lasting economic recovery could be dashed if Congress approves a misbegotten scheme that two independent government agencies have concluded will send energy prices through the roof. The "Climate Stewardship Act of 2003" (S. 139), introduced ...

No Excuse for Natural Gas Shortage

With summer's hot weather finally upon us, Americans by the millions are cranking up their air conditioners to help them cope with this seasonable discomfort. But in a few weeks they'll be getting the bill from the local power company ...

Inhofe Makes “Chemical Security” From Terrorists a Top Priority

Underscoring the need to provide the nation's over 1,500 chemical facilities with the greatest possible protection against terrorist attacks, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) has introduced the "Chemical Facilities Security Act of 2003." Inhofe is chairman of the Senate Environment & ...

No to the Yosemite Plan: Don’t Restrict Public’s Access to National Parks

With the onset of summer, people's thoughts are turning to where to spend this year's family vacation. Our national parks, with their breathtaking scenery and generally affordable accommodations, have long been the destination of choice for millions of families. They ...

New York Times’ Latest Attack on White House Shows Arrogance of Blair-Raines Era Lingers

Maybe it's time to send the editorial writers at The New York Times back to the Columbia Journalism School for a refresher course in fact-checking. Even with the departure of the left-wing ideologue Howell Raines as editor-in-chief and protégé Jayson ...

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