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Black Communities Won't Be Healed By Collective Victimhood

Black Communities Won’t Be Healed By Collective Victimhood

Project 21 /
"When will Black Americans relinquish the deification of victimhood?" asks Project 21 Ambassador DawnMarie Alexander Boursiquot. "When will they see themselves as more than the color of their skin and cease wearing victimization like a badge of honor?" In a commentary ...
DawnMarie A. Boursiquot: Black Americans' Continued Deification of Victimhood

DawnMarie A. Boursiquot: Black Americans’ Continued Deification of Victimhood

Project 21 Commentary /
What will they do now that skin color is no longer a factor in college admissions? A month has passed since the Supreme Court decision on university affirmative action admission requirements, and the dust has begun to settle. But as ...
Affirmative Action Is Racist and Illegal in Corporate America, Just as It Was in Higher Education

Affirmative Action Is Racist and Illegal in Corporate America, Just as It Was in Higher Education

Media Mention /
On the heels of the Supreme Court striking down affirmative action in higher education, conservative activists such as those with our Free Enterprise Project (FEP) are targeting diversity programs at corporations such as Starbucks, Comcast and Amazon. While our lawsuit ...
Bob Iger Disney Mickey Mouse Minnie

Bob Iger is Ruining Disney

FEP Commentary /
Is Bob Iger purposefully trying to ruin Disney?  He seems to be on a self-destructive mission. In a commentary at RealClearMarkets, Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard notes numerous ways the Disney CEO has driven his once-robust entertainment colossus into ...

The Four Groups Responsible for Woke Capitalism

FEP Commentary /
Who's responsible for the head-scratching bad behavior we've seen recently at corporations such as Target and Anheuser-Busch? In a new commentary published through InsideSources, Free Enterprise Project Associate Stefan Padfield points a finger at four groups enabling Corporate America's radical ...

JPMorgan Chase Targets Anti-Woke Resisters — And Now Their Families Too

FEP Commentary /
"JPMorgan Chase is back to debanking," writes Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard. "Once again, it’s not providing any explanations. And once again it’s targeting people who dare to question the Left Government/Woke Business conspiracy against liberty." In a RealClearMarkets ...
Horace Reparations

Affirmative Action Rulings Signal End of Reparations Debate

Project 21 Commentary /
The recent Supreme Court decisions striking down affirmative action in higher education admissions "effectively sound the death knell for the race-based reparations movement," declares Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper. In a commentary published by The Hill, Horace writes: The Students ...
proxy advisory firms

Proxy Advisors’ Partisanship Pushes Corporations to the Left

FEP Commentary /
The president and CEO of proxy advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) recently claimed that his firm's advice is "apolitical" and "impartial." "This is just nonsense," replies Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard. In a commentary published by RealClearMarkets, Scott ...
Horace Cooper: Let's Tell Truth About Slavery

Horace Cooper Shares Inconvenient Truths About Slavery on Jesse Watters Primetime

Media Appearance /
Fox News host Jesse Watters honored Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper by inviting him to appear on "Jesse Watters Primetime" during the first week the show took over the primetime 8 pm ET time slot previously held by Tucker Carlson ...
Universal Access Flag Lap Blanket

Melissa Ortiz: One Flag Can Celebrate Two Things, Can’t It?

Able Americans, Commentary /
This photo of the Universal Access Flag Lap Blanket is owned by the National Museum of American History. July is Disability Pride Month, a 31-day observance culminating with the National Council on Independent Living’s week-long annual conference that concludes with ...

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