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Biden Redefinition Still Shows Recession

Biden Redefinition Still Shows Recession /
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen painfully admitted she misjudged the “path that inflation would take” – prolonging the economic stress of the American people. Now, to keep Joe Biden from having to suffer yet another need for a mea culpa on ...
Vaccine Mandate Harms Military Readiness

Vaccine Mandate Harms Military Readiness /
In a news analysis for Heartland Daily Times, National Center Senior Fellow Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. chronicled efforts by active-duty members of the U.S. military to exempt themselves from federal vaccination requirements for COVID-19. The military’s unwavering stance on the vaccine ...
Cancel Counterproductive Climate Compromises

Cancel Counterproductive Climate Compromises /
If the upcoming elections cause a partisan shift in Capitol Hill’s leadership, conservatives need to make sure their ascendance isn’t compromised by colleagues who are willing to cut deals. This is particularly important when it comes to environmental regulation. That’s ...
Supreme Court School Choice Decision

Court’s Abortion Ruling Restores Democracy /
As the left screams that the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent abortion ruling is a threat to democracy, Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper noted it is actually “a return to the democratic process.” In a Newsmax commentary, Horace explained the importance ...
Horace Cooper says Biden didn't inherit current problems from Trump.

Biden Didn’t “Inherit” the Current Chaos /
In 44 of the 50 states, more people disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance as president than support him. It seems as if only the radical elements of his 2020 voter base still stand with him as he presides over economic ...
Is Nonpartisan ESG Possible?

Is Nonpartisan ESG Possible? /
“It may be worthwhile to consider what a genuinely neutral, nonpartisan ESG might look like,” writes Free Enterprise Project (FEP) Director Scott Shepard in his latest commentary for Real Clear Markets. Before providing hypothetical examples of neutral ESG parameters, the column first lays bare the ...
Biden Bank Rules Risk Enron-Style Financial Crisis

Biden Bank Rules Risk Enron-Style Financial Crisis /
Joe Biden can’t solve pressing issues like the immigration crisis, supply chain failures and rising crime, but his team “is single-minded and persistent when it comes to using federal financial regulators to do their bidding with respect to climate change.” ...
Horace Cooper Discusses Economy

Biden “Absolutely Wrong” on Economy /
While President Biden claims the economy is booming under his leadership, the bank accounts of many Americans are going bust just trying to make ends meet. Even the liberal CNN news channel is fact-checking him these days – finding his ...
jobs report

Good Jobs Report, But Bleak Prospects Loom /
The June jobs report was better than expected. But the hubris of Joe Biden was still high. “[I]t would not have been possible without the decisive action of my administration,” claimed the president in a football-spiking statement made soon after ...

Court Stops Bureaucrats from Becoming “De Facto Lawmakers” /
In the U.S. Supreme Court’s significant ruling in the case of West Virginia v. EPA, the justices pushed back hard against the unelected bureaucrats who have been trying to implement large-scale change regarding the nation’s energy policy, says National Center Senior ...

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