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Christopher Arps: Unmasking China's Paper Tiger Economy

Christopher Arps: Unmasking China’s Paper Tiger Economy

Project 21 Commentary /
Facade Hides Vulnerabilities That Undermine Nation’s Global Standing An aura of invincibility has accompanied China‘s meteoric rise to becoming the world’s second-largest economy. Recent revelations, however, paint a different picture, revealing a troubled economic landscape that misrepresents the nation’s apparent ...
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Conservative Shareholder Activists Present Proposals Addressing Child Labor, Chinese Human Rights Violations and Corporate Collusion with Government

Press Release /
Washington, D.C. - Shareholder activists with the National Center for Public Policy Research's Free Enterprise Project (FEP) will present proposals at three shareholder meetings this week - Ford Motor Company, Intel and Marriott. FEP's shareholder proposals will cover Ford's likely dependency on foreign child labor to manufacture ...
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Conservative Activists Demand Goldman Sachs Investigate Investments Funding Arm of Chinese Nuclear Weapons and Munitions Companies

Press Release /
Washington, D.C./Dallas, TX – Today, Scott Shepard - director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project (FEP) - presents a proposal at the Goldman Sachs annual shareholder meeting that, if approved, requires the company’s board of ...
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Conservative Shareholder Activists Release Lineup of Proposals to Fight Woke Policies and Chinese Control Over U.S. Corporations

Press Release /
Washington, D.C. - Shareholder activists with the National Center for Public Policy Research's Free Enterprise Project (FEP) released their Proxy Navigator Annual Voter Guide today while they simultaneously announced plans to present proposals at several shareholder meetings this week - ...
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Chinese De-Listings From U.S. Exchanges Signal Hidden ESG Horror

FEP Commentary /
Chinese government-owned companies are beginning to delist from American stock exchanges. While this might seem like a minor win for those who seek to decouple the American and Chinese economies in the wake of, among other things, tensions over Taiwan, ...
More Scrutiny of Green Lobby Expected Soon

More Scrutiny of Green Lobby Expected Soon /
In a shocking turn of events, the president of the venerable Brookings Institution was forced to resign. John Allen wasn’t alleged to have stolen money from the group or to have engaged in sexual harassment. But what he did is ...
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Disney’s Racist Employee Training and Cozy China Relationship Denounced by Investors

Press Release /
Was Whoopi Goldberg Required to Attend Disney’s So-Called Antiracism Trainings? Washington, D.C. – Leading investor activists from the Free Enterprise Project (FEP) presented a shareholder proposal today that took The Walt Disney Company to task over its race-based employee trainings ...
Apple Doubles Down on Chinese Love Affair During Annual Shareholder Meeting

Apple Doubles Down on Chinese Love Affair During Annual Shareholder Meeting /
Apple Inc. held its 2022 shareholder meeting virtually today. Despite attempts by the Free Enterprise Project (FEP) and other shareholders during the meeting to hold Apple to account for its relationship with the ruthless Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Apple nonetheless ...
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American Sub Tech Holds China at Bay /
It’s no secret that Communist China has its ambitions set on taking control of Taiwan. But this global strategic threat is being countered by the sharing of American submarine technology with Australia. This policy will have Chinese military commanders thinking ...
Visa Slammed for Sponsoring the Upcoming Beijing Olympics

Visa Slammed for Sponsoring the Upcoming Beijing Olympics

Press Release /
Visa Shareholders Express Concern Over Company’s Failure to Address Chinese Communist Party Atrocities Washington, D.C. – Visa executives today refused to address concerns from investors over the company’s continued sponsorship of the upcoming Beijing Olympics in light of the Chinese ...

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