Category: Global Warming

No Room for Science at the Union of Concerned Scientists, by John Carlisle

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), an advocacy group of scientists based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, purports to recommend public policy solutions addressing a myriad of issues ranging from global warming to arms control on the basis of sound science. But ...

New Government Report Warning of Global Warming Repeats Old Misinformation, by John K. Carlisle

Here we go again. Now that summer is here and temperatures are rising, environmental scaremongers are, predictably, raising the rhetoric that man-made global warming is dangerously heating the planet and we must make economically-drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions to ...

Cooling Off on Global Warming, by John Carlisle

The American public is going cold on global warming. For more than a decade, environmentalists have warned that man-made greenhouse gases are causing a litany of environmental disasters such as soaring temperatures, melting glaciers and a sharp rise in sea ...

Failure to Predict Blizzard Reveals Perils of Global Warming Predictions, by John K. Carlisle

National Policy Analysis #277 /
In the wake of the blizzard that recently ambushed the East Coast, red-faced meteorologists are cursing the sophisticated computer models that assured them that the storm would pass well out to sea, sparing major cities significant snowfall. But the question ...

Is Summertime Smog an Increasing Threat to Public Health?

There's no need to sweat summertime smog. Despite the hype, air quality is better now than it has been in decades. By now, most Americans are acquainted with code red days, ozone action days, ozone awareness days, and other smog ...

New Technology Will Allow Us to Dodge the Hardest Punches of Hurricanes

National Policy Analysis #264 /
"Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it," Mark Twain once quipped. But now someone at least is doing something about some of its worst effects. A seven-year-old Virginia company called High Performance Technologies, Inc. (HPTi) ...

Lawmakers Attempt to Tamper With Senate Jury on Global Warming Treaty

During the Senate impeachment inquiry, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) warned the White House and his colleagues, "Don't tamper with this jury." Today, jury tampering is underway on another important matter before the Senate: Consideration of the Kyoto global warming treaty ...

Federal Court’s Decision to Strike Down Air Standards Will Save Lives

The recent federal court decision striking down the Environmental Protection Agency's new, more stringent air quality standards was a major victory not only for government accountability advocates, but for public health. In 1997, EPA Administrator Carol Browner announced new air ...

White House Tries to Buy Support for Greenhouse Gas Reductions, by John Carlisle

National Policy Analysis #233 /
One of the more surprising developments in the ongoing global warming debate is the Clinton Administration's success in lining up major corporate support for the greenhouse gas reductions stipulated under the Kyoto Protocol. Signed by the United States and 158 ...

Behavior of World’s Glaciers Fails to Prove Global Warming Theory, by John Carlisle

National Policy Analysis #235 /
Global warming theory proponents have resorted to the politics of fear to drive their point home. They argue that man-made greenhouse gases are already causing the world's glaciers to melt, causing sea levels to rise and threatening humanity with a ...

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