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Global Warming Not Responsible for 1998’s Unusual Weather

The U.S. may have experienced more than its fair share of unusual weather this past year, but this has nothing to do with global warming. Global warming theory advocates were quick to seize on last summer's heat waves and the ...

Environmentalists Erroneously Cite Government Pork-Barrel Spending as Evidence of Global Warming

Environmentalists continue to use every means of measuring the temperature of the planet except a thermometer. A case in point is the recent claim that the rising number of presidential disaster declarations - often used as a means of dishing ...

Hypocrisy in Buenos Aires: Millions of Gallons of Fuel to Be Burned By Those Seeking Curbs on Fuel Use

Next month, the American people will witness an extraordinary act of hypocrisy: Millions of gallons of fuel will be burned as a direct result of an international conference convened to curb fossil fuel use. On November 2, the fourth meeting ...

Buenos Aires Conference On Global Warming: Much Ado About Nothing, by John Carlisle

This November, the Clinton Administration will attend a conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, it will offer recommendations on measures the United States and more than 100 nations can adopt to cut man-made greenhouse gases, which, the Administration alleges, are ...

Global Warming Not to Blame for Heat Wave, Temperature Data Shows

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President Plays Upon Fears and Emotions of Public to Advance Political Agenda Contrary to statements by both President Bill Clinton and Vice President Albert Gore, the recent heat waves afflicting the south and west do not demonstrate that global warming ...

Don’t Like the Weather? Don’t Blame Global Warming

In recent years, advocates of the global warming theory have convinced many Americans that virtually any weather-related calamity is evidence that human-induced global warming is underway. One has only to look at the Second Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel ...

Sun to Blame for Global Warming, by John Carlisle

Those looking for the culprit responsible for global warming have missed the obvious choice - the sun. While it may come as a newsflash to some, scientific evidence conclusively shows that the sun plays a far more important role in ...

Global Warming: Enjoy it While You Can, by John Carlisle

Policymakers have been arguing for nearly a decade over what to do about global warming. Noticeably missing from this debate has been any mention of the fact that natural fluctuations in the Earth's temperature, not Man, is the likely explanation ...

Good News About Energy

In 1987, the environmentalist Worldwatch Institute predicted an oil shortage would cause a major energy crisis within five years.1 No crisis has occurred. Instead, the oil industry is producing a million more barrels a day than it can sell.2 According ...

The Myth of Scientific Consensus on Global Warming

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Forget what you've read in the press or heard on television: There is no scientific consensus on global warming. In recent months, there has been much talk in the national news media about a scientific consensus on global warming. A ...

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