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The Birth Control Mandate is Unconstitutional

National Policy Analysis #632 /
Introduction The American public is witnessing a fascinating, even historic, event: the Obama Administration's attempt to suppress basic expressions of religious faith. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)'s recent rulemaking mandating that church-sponsored and affiliated enterprises that provide ...
"Medicare for All" Universal Health Care Would Not Solve the Problem of Rising Health Care Costs

“Medicare for All” Universal Health Care Would Not Solve the Problem of Rising Health Care Costs

National Policy Analysis #561 /
In mid-2006, the governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, succeeded in passing his health care reform through the Massachusetts legislature.  This ignited a debate on health care policy in the U.S. that shows no signs of subsiding.  From the governors, to ...

What Conservatives Think #010904: Single-Payer Health Care: Could America Do It Without Compromising Quality?

The Left Says: "...In countries with national health insurance, urgent care is always provided immediately. Other countries do experience some waits for elective procedures (like cataract removal), but maintaining the U.S.'s same level of health expenditures (twice as much as ...

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