Category: National Policy Analysis

Why the U.S. Should Withdraw from the Montreal Protocol, by Dr. Hugh Ellsaesser

National Policy Analysis #159 /
The U.S. should delay implementation of the provisions of the Montreal Protocol, the international agreement banning chlorofuorocarbons (CFCs), manufactured chemicals commonly used in refrigerators and air conditioners that have been blamed for destroying the ozone layer. The U.S. should also ...

Regulatory Relief Initiatives During the 104th Congress

National Policy Analysis #160 /
To follow is a chronological history of regulatory reform efforts of the 104th Congress as documented in the Hill Watch section of The Relief Report. This summary is an incorporation of over forty editions of The Relief Report, a periodic ...

This New Crusade Would Help Mrs. Clinton Regain Her Popularity

National Policy Analysis #158 /
Bill Clinton's recital of the oath of office at noon January 20 marks more than just the opportunity for a fresh start for the president. It also signifies the possibility of a new beginning for the first lady. According to ...

Reforming Social Security May Be (Relatively) Easy After All

National Policy Analysis #157 /
When the 13 members of President Clinton's Social Security Advisory Council failed to agree to one or even two sets of recommendations about how the nation can best keep Social Security solvent, most analysts considered the divided verdict as evidence ...

Are the Greens Right About Congress? by Bob Adams

National Policy Analysis #156 /
The AFL-CIO isn't the only Clinton ally targeting Congress with big money and shady campaign ads this political season -- the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) -- a radical green interest group, has launched its own massive independent expenditure campaign ...

The Anti-Human Party

National Policy Analysis #155 /
To hear Tom Daschle tell it, Republicans in Congress actually want more waste in our nation's streams, in our lakes and on our shorelines and more pollution in our air. In a recent PBS debate, for example, Daschle accused Republicans ...

The Mouse That Squeaked

National Policy Analysis #154 /
Nineteen ninety six was supposed to be the year of the environmental backlash. Scores of Republican lawmakers were supposed to be turned out of office -- perhaps even enough to give the Democrats control of both Houses of Congress -- ...

Demon Tobacco, by Doug Bandow

National Policy Analysis #149 /
Introduction Political crusades tend to be most successful when directed against an enemy of one sort or another. To promote the public interest is tough. To attack someone who is seemingly obstructing the public interest is far easier. Now the ...

Giving Back Gained Ground: The Clinton Administration and the War on Drugs, by Nate Stewart

"You should know that every year for the last three years, murders have dropped and robberies have dropped and drug use has dropped... The number of cocaine users has fallen by 30 percent in the last three years alone." -- ...

New FDA Tobacco Regulations Raise Constitutional and Economic Questions, by Nate Stewart

The Food and Drug Administration has recently proposed some new tobacco and advertising regulations that invoke serious constitutionalas well as practical questions. The new regulations have the full endorsement of the Clinton Administration, which has championed and campaigned on their ...

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