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Christopher Arps: Combatting China's Influence - the Urgent Need for State Vape Directory Bills

Christopher Arps: Combatting China’s Influence – the Urgent Need for State Vape Directory Bills

Project 21 Commentary /
In a RedState commentary, Project 21 Ambassador Christopher Arps pulls back the curtain on how China is marketing electronic cigarettes to American youth, exploiting our children for its own profit and power: [I]llegal Chinese vapes are taking over the U.S ...

Ethan Peck: The ADL Smeared Me as Antisemitic for Opposing the WEF and UN, Even Though I’m Jewish

FEP Commentary /
Ever since Hamas's horrific October 7 attack on Israel, antisemitism has shown itself to be rampant around the world -- and particularly on college campuses across America. While one might hope that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) -- which was founded ...
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Ethan Peck: Why Are U.S. Corporations Still Funding Terrorist-Infiltrated UNRWA?

Are your investments funding terrorism? And shouldn't American corporations be held accountable for their funding of UNRWA and other terrorist-supporting organizations? In a commentary published at The Hill, Free Enterprise Project Associate Ethan Peck reveals that "funding terrorism apologists — and ...
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Scott Shepard: United Nations Plan to Regulate Communications Threatens Freedom and Civilization

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A new United Nations (UN) proposal to regulate online communications worldwide "is freedom-threateningly and civilization-threateningly serious," says Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard. On an episode of the Family Research Council's "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins," Scott joined Tony to ...
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Deroy Murdock: The Only Thing That Israel Should ‘Cease’ Is Listening To Joe Biden

Project 21 Commentary /
Project 21 Ambassador Deroy Murdock is blasting President Biden for asking Israel to -- as Deroy puts it -- "give Hamas 72 hours to catch its breath." In a commentary published by The Daily Caller, Deroy writes: Give Hamas this: It ...
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Horace Cooper: Hamas Sympathizers May Have the Right to Advocate Evil, But They Should Be Shunned

Media Appearance /
On the Fox News program "Hannity," Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper condemned those at Harvard University and elsewhere in America who are justifying the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists. Horace told host Sean Hannity and fellow guest Professor Alan Dershowitz: ...
Companies Aligned With BLM Must Respond to Hamas Atrocities

Companies Aligned With BLM Must Respond to Hamas Atrocities

FEP Commentary /
For the last several years, representatives of both our Free Enterprise Project (FEP) and our Project 21 black leadership network have warned corporations as well as the general public that if they wanted to support justice, racial equality and the ...
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Horace Cooper: BLM’s Support of Hamas Terrorism Flows From its Own Reign of Terror in America

Media Appearance /
It should surprise no one that Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapters around the United States are rising up to support the Hamas terrorists. On the One America News Network, Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper told Stella Escobedo that BLM hates ...
Black Leadership Network Decries BLM’s Support of Palestinian Murderers

Black Leadership Network Decries BLM’s Support of Palestinian Murderers

Project 21 Commentary /
As the free world reels in reaction to the atrocities committed against the people of Israel, Black Lives Matter chapters in Chicago and Indianapolis -- among others -- celebrated the brutal attacks by Hamas. The Indianapolis chapter supported a statement ...
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Conservative Activists Demand Goldman Sachs Investigate Investments Funding Arm of Chinese Nuclear Weapons and Munitions Companies

Press Release /
Washington, D.C./Dallas, TX – Today, Scott Shepard - director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project (FEP) - presents a proposal at the Goldman Sachs annual shareholder meeting that, if approved, requires the company’s board of ...

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