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Looting, Lockdowns Lead Business to Flee the Liberal Metropolis

Looting, Lockdowns Lead Business to Flee the Liberal Metropolis /
Liberals have never been fans of the American ideal of manifest destiny. Imagine how they must feel now that the policies and attitudes for which they’ve been advocating are causing people to want to spread out. It’s an urban sprawl ...

Oregon Standoff is Just a Symptom of a Much Larger Problem Congress Can Help Fix

Press Release /
National Center for Public Policy Research Calls for Three-Step Plan to Help Relieve the Rural West Washington, D.C. - As the country continues to focus on the ongoing standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, the National Center ...

Senators Cruz and Coburn Vow to Stop Scheme to Include Massive Pork in Defense Authorization Bill /
Should controversial legislation that has not been debated and which is completely irrelevant to our national defense be included in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA? The office of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) says no, and Senator Cruz ...

Think Progress is Wrong to Claim Protecting Lands for Future Generations is a “Uniquely American” Idea /
I've been writing about Think Progress' announcement Friday of a new series dedicated to convincing Americans that anyone who believes our federal government should own less than 28 percent of our national land area is a wild-eyed right-wing fringe radical ...

Think Progress is Wrong to Equate Federal Ownership of Land with Public Access to Those Lands /
I wrote yesterday of the left-wing special interest group Think Progress' rather silly belief that in owning 28 percent of the nation's land area, the federal government owns exactly the right amount of land (or possibly not enough?) and that ...

Think Progress is Wrong to Claim the Federal Government Should Own 28% or More of America’s Lands /
Ever fearful that someone other than our Washington overlords might have some power and influence, the ever-creative Think Progress announced today a new series intended to demonize anyone who believes it makes sense for the federal government to own less ...

Growing the Federal Government Further is Not a Conservative Idea /
Writing in the American Spectator, Senior Fellow R.J. Smith has written an excellent rebuttal to a rather odd press release by the R Street Institute calling for the federal government to further expand federal land conservation programs. The R Street ...

Reagan Was Not a Land-Grabber: Ridenour Weighs In on Smith vs. Lehrer Debate /
The R Street Institute's Eli Lehrer just wrote a rebuttal of Robert J. Smith's article in the American Spectator critical of R Street's advocacy of national monument designations. Here's why Smith is right and Lehrer is wrong. The R Street ...

This Absentee Landlord Neglects 600 Million Acres

How do you feel about an absentee landlord who accumulate acres and acres of productive land, then neglects it so it produces little and becomes so overgrown it’s a fire hazard to the neighbors? Not good, right? Well, that absentee ...

Shining Bright /
What do you call a jewelry company that boycotts a mine that doesn’t even exist?  Well, they call themselves “the Diamond Store.”  I call them anti-American. You probably know them as Zales. If you care about American jobs and American ...

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