Ak’Bar A. Shabazz is a member of the national advisory council for the Project 21 black leadership network and president of Shabazz Enterprises.  Comments may be sent to [email protected].

Select Publications by Ak’Bar A. Shabazz:

Curing Political Apathy with More Independence (October 2012)

The Inadequacies of a Hundred Billion Dollars (January 2010)

Competition, Not Government Intervention, the Right Prescription for Health Care (October 2009)

Raising Taxes By the Mile (May 2009)

World Peace Comes Through Strength (April 2009)

Lifestyles of the Spendthrift and Infamous (February 2009)

True Peace in the Middle East (January 2009)

Football Fantasies and Education Essentials (December 2008)

Make Detroit and Wall Street Work Together (December 2008)

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander (November 2008)

History is Always the Final Judge (August 2008)

Robbing Peter to Pay Pedro (April 2006)

The Irony of an Apology (August 2005)

Now Is Not the Time to Abandon the War on Terror (August 2005)

Social Security Reform for All Retirees, Present and Future (May 2005)

Purple Fingers in Iraq Have Doubters, Tyrants Seeing Red (February 2005)

Resolve an Indicator of the Future of World Freedom (October 2004)

Time for Regime Change at the NAACP (July 2004)

AARP’S Campaign to Import Uncertified Drugs Poses Hazards to Seniors’ Health and Budgets (June 2004)

Thanking Bush for His Leadership (June 2004)

Forgetting Black History at the Ballot Box (February 2004)

On Affirmative Action, Liberals Promote Fear Over Progress (January 2003)

Trent Lott Does Black Conservatives a Tremendous Disservice (December 2002)

At First Ford Failed – But Try, Try Again for the Sake of Black America (November 2002)

Don’t Believe the Hype – You Can Embrace Conservatism (August 2002)

Everyone Deserves Equal Access to a Quality Education (May 2001)

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